J.M. Bond is a drawer…er… drawier? Draweer? Um, he likes to scribble cartoons onto paper and put them up on the Internet for people to see. Some are good. Some are not. It’s a learning process, yo.

Besides his first comic, Blue Sky, J.M. Bond has worked on a spin-off comic (Blue Sky: Summer Song) and is currently drawing and writing an anime club-inspired webcomic called Toshokan Anime Club. He has other projects in the works, many of which will appear on this site. Other creative projects J.M. Bond is into includes writing stories (the non-comic book kind!) and making puppets (I kid you not).

Besides doodlin’ comics, J.M. Bond’s day job includes making crafts with little kids and going to schools to tell stories (sometimes with puppets he made!). His other hobbies include video games, playing Magic the Gathering, and writing about himself in the third person.