The webcomic community is an ever growing and changing entity, with sites and resources popping up and disappearing all the time. It can be hard to find exactly what you are looking for, whether it’s advice, printing services, or more.

Below you will find links to such things in the webcomics’ world that I think might be useful. Please note I have not necessarily tried some of the services listed, but heard about them through other creators. It’s up to you to discover what fits your situation best, but if you aren’t sure where to start hopefully this list will help.

I will add /remove sites as they are created or die off. If you know of a site worth recommending or there’s a dead link I missed, please drop me a line so I can properly update the list.


The below have been a wealth of information for those trying to make the right decisions in the world of webcomics. Even the older podcasts are worth a listen, as they feature sound advice from some of the top creators, as well as experiences from the smaller creators who are in the trenches every day.

  • Webcomics Confidential [Podcast]
  • Webcomic Alliance [Podcast & Articles]
  • [Articles & Occasional Podcast]


    You need to make a website. You pay for your own hosting and have a site, but it lacks the options you want and is hard to update. Try the following services to make your site better!

  • WordPress [Blogging / Website Creation & Maintenance]
  • ComicPress Theme [Designed For Webcomics; WordPress Needed]


    There are many options when it comes to printing: you can buy in bulk and sell your books yourself, or you can go the POD (Print on Demand) route. The below are some of the more well known or webcomic-friendly services available.

  • LuLu [POD Service]
  • CreateSpace [Amazon’s POD Service]
  • Print Ninja [Bulk Printing]


    Need to get some eyes on your comic? Try submitting your comic to some of the below directories. While some will simply post a link, others allow you to give incentives for clicking.

  • The Webcomic List [Directory / Community]
  • Belfry WebComics Index [Directory]
  • WebcomicZ [Directory / Community]


    Whether you are looking to spend money to get eyes on your comic or raise money for a project (such as printing a book or simply creating a salary for yourself), the below are some popular services that many webcomic creators have embraced.

  • Kickstarter [Crowdfunding]
  • Patreon [Monthly Crowdfunding]


    Sometimes you need help. Whether it’s with a Kickstarter, figuring out how to print your book, making merchandise, or trying to get the word out on your comic, you might find you need to bring in a professional. The below services are tailor-made for webcomics, with many of those involved actually having had or currently are working in the field.

  • Hiveworks [Variety of Services]
  • Breadpig [Mostly Crowdfunding]


    I personally pay for my own hosting, but some people might not be able to. Or maybe you do, but you are wanting to bolster your traffic at community-like sites, essentially spreading your work all across the Internet to as many eyes on them as possible. Or perhaps you don’t know how to make a website and want something that will create the template you need. You have a few options!

  • DeviantArt [Online Portfolio]
    Smack Jeeves [Hosting / Community]
  • Tapastic [Hosting / Community]
  • The Duck Webcomics [Hosting / Community + Some Tips]
  • Comic Rocket [Indexing / Hosting / Community]
  • Comic Genesis [Hosting / Community]


    Maybe this fit in the above categories, maybe not. But here are some other important sites / services that are unique enough that I’m not quite sure where to list them.

  • Comic Chameleon [Smart Phone App]